Advanced Obedience

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Off-Leash, Distance Commands, Advanced Heel, Place and More!

Unleash Your Dog's Full Potential with Advanced Obedience

Welcome to the Advanced Obedience program at Scottsdale Dog Training! We help your dog learn amazing skills for an even happier life together. Our expert trainers teach advanced commands in a fun, practical, and effective way.

Why Advanced Obedience Matters

Advanced obedience training has many benefits:

  • Better bond: Training together makes your relationship with your dog stronger and builds trust.

  • Improved safety: Advanced commands help your dog listen to you in tricky situations, making outdoor adventures safer.

  • More freedom: Well-trained dogs can go more places without a leash, enjoying off-leash parks and activities.

  • Brain workout: Advanced training keeps your dog's mind sharp, avoids boredom, and prevents behavior problems.

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Our Advanced Obedience Approach

We know every dog is special, so we make our program fit your dog's needs. Our trainers use treats, praise, and love to teach your dog. This makes training fun and rewarding for both of you.

What Our Advanced Obedience Program Teaches

Our program covers lots of advanced skills to help your dog become a star:

  • Off-Leash Training: Your dog learns to follow commands without a leash, making outdoor activities more enjoyable.

  • Distance Commands: Your dog learns to listen to you from far away, so you can control them even when they're not right beside you.

  • Advanced Heel: Your dog learns to walk nicely by your side, making walks more pleasant for both of you.

  • Place Command: Your dog learns to stay in a specific spot until you say it's okay to move, which is helpful when guests visit.

  • Polite Greetings: Our program teaches your dog to say hello to people and other dogs without jumping or causing a fuss.

  • Distraction Training: We help your dog focus on commands even when there are distractions around, like other dogs or loud noises.

Extra Benefits of Our Advanced Obedience Program

Our program also offers some bonus perks:

  • Confidence Boost: As your dog masters advanced skills, they become more self-assured and well-behaved.

  • Easier Vet Visits: Advanced obedience training makes routine care, like vet visits and grooming, less stressful for you and your dog.

  • More Fun Activities: With advanced training, you and your dog can participate in dog sports, like agility or obedience competitions.

Why Pick Scottsdale Dog Training for Advanced Obedience

Our training is the best choice for your dog because:

  • Great Trainers: Our trainers are skilled and experienced, so your dog gets the best lessons.

  • Custom Plans: We make training plans just for your dog, based on their strengths and goals.

  • Happy Environment: Our training sessions are positive and friendly, helping your dog learn with confidence.

  • Class Choices: We offer group and private classes, so you can pick what works best for you and your dog.

  • Ongoing Support: We help you and your dog even after the program ends, providing resources and advice to keep up their skills.

Start Your Advanced Obedience Adventure

Join Scottsdale Dog Training's Advanced Obedience program and help your dog become even more amazing! Our expert trainers and fun teaching methods will make your dog a pro at advanced skills. Sign up today and see how expert training can make your dog's life even better, giving you both the freedom and joy of a well-trained companion!

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