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Unlocking Pawsitive Potential for a Happier, Well-Behaved Life

Welcome to Scottsdale Dog Training's Basic Obedience program! We help your dog to become well-mannered, social, and obedient. Our trainers are experts in teaching essential commands and behaviors. These lessons will make daily life with your four-legged friend enjoyable and hassle-free. With our fun, engaging, and effective methods, you'll witness your dog's transformation in no time.

The Importance of Basic Obedience

Basic obedience builds a good relationship with your dog. It instills good manners, enhances communication, and builds trust. Ultimately this leads to a safer and more enjoyable life together. Well-trained dogs rarely have behavioral concerns. They can also participate in more activities with their human families.

Our Unique Approach to Basic Obedience

At Scottsdale Dog Training, we understand that every dog is different. We cater to each dog's needs. Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques. These include praise, treats, and affection. With these techniques, we motivate and reward your dog for their progress. This strategy makes training joyful and stress-free for you and your furry friend.

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What You Can Expect from Our Basic Obedience Program

Our Basic Obedience program covers a range of essential skills and commands, setting the stage for a well-behaved and happy dog. Here's what you'll learn during our program:

Sit, Stay, and Down

These fundamental commands teach your dog to be calm and focused. They're essential for preventing unwanted behaviors like jumping on people or furniture.


This crucial command ensures your dog returns to you when called. It enhances safety and control during outdoor activities.


Proper leash walking prevents pulling and ensures a pleasant, comfortable experience during walks.

Leave It and Drop It

These commands teach your dog to resist temptation and relinquish items when asked. It will prevent destructive chewing and potential hazards.


We'll help you introduce your dog to various environments, people, and other animals. It will foster confidence and adaptability.

Handling and Grooming

Our program includes guidance on handling your dog for routine care like grooming and veterinary visits. This will ensure a stress-free experience.

Why Choose Scottsdale Dog Training for Basic Obedience

When it comes to teaching basic obedience, Scottsdale Dog Training stands out as the best choice for you and your dog. Here's why:

Certified and Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are not only certified but also possess years of experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments.

Customized Training Plans

We create personalized training plans that take into account your dog's unique personality, learning style, and specific needs.

Positive Training Environment

Our approach emphasizes a positive, supportive, and enjoyable atmosphere. This helps your dog develop a love for learning and builds a strong bond between you two.

Group or Private Classes

We offer both group and private classes to suit your preferences and provide the ideal learning environment for your dog.

Lifetime Support

Our commitment to your dog's success extends beyond the duration of our program. We provide ongoing support and resources to help you maintain your dog's progress and continue building on their skills.

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